Looking to the future: six technology trends that will affect IT startups

Looking to the future: six technology trends that will affect IT startups

Digitсapital experts defined key technologies that will impact IT startups growth in the next few years. Forcast are made on the basis of data, obtained during key European technology events - CeBIT, START Global Summit, and Swiss Failcon conference this year.


Six technology trends that will affect IT startups:


An aquarium with fish robots by CoCoRo European project was demonstrated at CEBIT this year. The idea of remote access and detailed control can be widely used in the consumer sector as such robots are designed to study the collective behavior.


Software for 3D Printers
Three-dimensional printing will affect the industry and revolutionize production in the coming years. 3D printers will impact all spheres of life: building and architecture, medicine, cuisine. 3D printing might be used for those things many people do not realize today: from buildings - to the human organs.


Devices and Applications for Health
Mobile applications and portable gadgets will serve as daily advisors with recommendations for lifestyle changes. This trend is becoming popular because it can help in getting rid of a variety of chronic diseases. Already such devices as smart shirt allow physicians to monitor key indicators of heart remotely.


Personal Cloud Storage
There is growing interest towards personal cloud technologies, as it is believed that many internet services enable third parties to track personal information. Services that can guarantee anonymity on the Internet tend to become very popular and those start-ups that can offer such service will benefit from such a trend.


Big Data Services
Companies that already use big data achieve better results in their work and profitability. In the near future, big data analysis will be used in the marketing and trading. Startups will be developing software that helps companies efficiently collect, process their data and use it to influence consumers or clients.


Specialized Studies Programs Online
Nowadays online education solves the problem of education reform, offering efficient model for interaction between teacher and students. In the coming years startups that offer niche education will gain popularity.