DepositStorage Is Gavitex Now and Withdraws from Depositfiles

DepositStorage Is Gavitex Now and Withdraws from Depositfiles

Zurich, December 1, 2014 — DepositStorage was rebranded into Gavitex and introduced to the public in its new design and advanced functionality. The service has been separated from Depositfiles file locker and appears to be an independent and self-sufficient online service onwards. Being a next-generation personal cloud, it allows customers to store, access via any web-browser and freely manage all media files, subjected to automatic backup and synchronization.

The decision of service’s business model reorganization is an outcome of several reasons, which triggered a necessity to draw the line between Depositfiles file locker and its former project DepositStorage cloud that is rebranded Gavitex at present. In particular, Gavitex is developed as the service for media content management, which enables users to keep photos, audio, video and further digital staff always at hand, secure them and arrange at own discretion. Since 2013 the project has been financed by Digitcapital, a Swiss based international management company and DepositFiles partner at the time. However, this partnership is determined to end, and Gavitex will remain in Digitcapital portfolio.  It is in company’s plans to keep working on Gavitex cloud solution and its ease-of-use.

Several significant changes that were made to what is now known as Gavitex affect its file management technology, design, interface, and, what is the most important - user experience.Gavitex is available for earlier registered DepositStorage users as well as new ones at www.gavitex.com. Nonetheless, service’s primary mission remains the same that is to keep up with users’ interests and provide them with the efficient tools to manage and work with uploaded files. For instance, just recently the cloud storage has released its Gallery application, determined to present instruments for image data management and its flexible sharing.In the next several months Gavitex plans to expand its functionality, file management and storage opportunities by offering extra upgrade options and additional applications for media content control.

“Users’ lives become more digital from year to year that is the reason we redesigned DepositStorage to make it more user friendly and extremely useful for everyone” - said Alexey Orlovsky, Vice President of Digitcapital. “People that deal with their documents from different places, either it is home, working place or while travelling, can benefit from advanced accessibility of important information, which Gavitex makes possible. We are going to offer more functions that will allow people to manage their information more efficiently and save their time to fulfill other crucial tasks.”

At the moment, Gavitex presents users with a wide scope of opportunities to conveniently organize personal files, which includes:

-          25GB of free disk space as signed up and possibility to dispose it at own discretion;

-          time-unlimited access to storage content across different platforms, devices and social networks accounts;

-          automatic media files filtering across the account applications and their further management by user;

-          password protection setup in addition to service’s security measures;

-          options to share/unshare personal data with other users, including those not registered in Gavitex;

-          several ways to upload and download files and their further arrangement.