About Project Slide Again

About Project Slide Again

  • SlideAgain is mobile application for mastering alpine skiing skills. SlideAgain gathers the individual skiing results and compares the data with the standard criteria on the basis of a mathematical formula using skier’s smartphone accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS.

    In SlideAgain we use unique calculations and algorithms developed with the involvement of mathematicians, physicists, and professionals of winter sports, which allow us to track skating technique developments. The team of SlideAgain is constantly looking for the new ways to implement in the process of mastering skiing skills. We engage our users in the exciting process of creating our innovative application as well as joining the community of SlideAgain skiers.

    The technology of SlideAgain allows the user to receive a 3D graphics route, which shows skier movements in space, number of errors made and recommendations for the next time to perform a certain route more successful. Recorded information is available for user as total daily statistics. The application counts the number of errors made while skiing, analyses technique and compares the user’s result with the community members’ benchmark. As a result, the user receives the graphically comprehensive results and is aware of areas of development.