Who we are

  • Mission

    We accelerate technology progress by uniting talents, investments, and ideas

  • Philosophy

    Digitcapital is focused on investing in projects that power progress and help change the way we use technologies every day.

  • The “uncommonly productive” thinking

    The “uncommonly productive” thinking means solving issues in ways no one thought of before, by using fewer resources and entering markets thought to be unreachable.

  • The “tomorrow is today“ approach

    As the world evolves, so do we - applying new tools, perfecting our skills, delighting our customers. While we won’t go so far as to say we can predict the future, we will certainly help shape it.

  • The “above expectations” attitude

    Our quest is to build the IT brands using a combination of premier technology, intriguing insights, and unconventional programming. The result? Ideas that propel brands forward, build businesses and even transform the entire society.

Our Services

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Brand Capitalization

The development of the brand and its market capitalization are the most important tasks of a startup. Digitcapital helps startups in creating and managing brands as business assets.

Investments Attraction

Fundraising is crucial to an entrepreneur’s success. Digitcapital simplifies this process by bringing together everything startups need to collaborate with investors and get funded.

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management is a tremendous resource for profit. Companies that receive our advice on human capital management strategy, earn more than their competitors.

Information Security

Risks of information security can be easily minimized by building and implementing an effective information security strategy with help of Digitcapital.

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